6. Roadmap

i. eSports teams
TEAM DAO will focus on increasing the quantity and quality of existing eSports teams, building their fanbase, and growing their brand.
ii. Web3 Gaming
TEAM DAO will focus on expanding the number of wTEAMs owned by the DAO and by Owners – both institutional and retail.
iii. Ecosystem partners
TEAM will work with ecosystem partners across traditional and web3 gaming, such as traditional game studios, competitive eSports tournaments, crypto L1/L2 chains, metaverse-focused investors, and other synergistic partners to expand TEAM DAO's presence globally.
iv. Technology
Refinement, development, and upgrading of back-end technology, analytics, and infrastructure systems are in progress.
v. Operations
Expansion of the operational team is underway and will continue to scale according to TEAM DAO’s requirements.
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