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1) How does TEAM DAO solve P2E issues?

i. Scalability -> Tech enabled, meritocratic, and community driven recruitment process

ii. Flexibility -> Easily swappable between games / players

iii. Quality -> Pre-trained players via our gamified training systems

2) What's unique about TEAM DAO?

i. Tradeable eSports players -> allows people who are interested in getting a piece of the P2E space to instantly get started, in any game of their choice, with strong liquidity

ii. Defi Gamefi NFT play -> APR is potentially ~100-300% APR p.a. depending on gamefi choice + underlying gamefi NFT value + state of the P2E market + other factors

iii. Endless capital recycling -> TEAM DAO can reuse the capital to create more wTEAMs / Owners can deposit assets with us to make into wTEAMs

3) How does TEAM DAO create value?

i. Strong infrastructure -> automated systems, database, and targeted marketing capabilities

ii. Token flywheel -> Players drive revenue and recurring earnings, Owners provide capital and generate fees, Assets provide long-term asset value

iii. Empowered technology & strategy -> Elite players are sent to test a new game and create winning strategies, templates are created and built into GameGenius, coaches & training creates high-performing players

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