5. Web3 Gaming


What is a wTEAM?

TEAM's players are wrapped into tradable NFTs called "wTEAMs", with transferrable ownership
Aspiring "Owners" can purchase these wTEAMs from our marketplace to form their own web3 gaming organizations.
i. Composition
A wrapped TEAM (wTEAM) consists of 1 scholar and game NFT assets. wTEAMs are tradable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which generate income for wTEAM Owners and the DAO.
ii. eSports player ownership
TEAM scholars are wrapped in an NFT (wTEAM), and become tradable eSports players. Metaverse believers can purchase these wrapped NFTs (wTEAMs) on our platform, becoming TEAM Owners – similar to acquiring a traditional sports team. Asset managers can deposit under-utilised game assets to TEAM DAO, receiving wTEAMs in return.
iii. Flexibility
Owners and scholars have flexibility in deciding which games and metaverses to participate in. Data analytics are present to showcase real-time performance tracking, allowing Owners to trade assets efficiently, and empowering Scholars to clearly monitor their progress. Through this method of sponsorship and fantasy eSports player trading, we gamify the entire P2E web3 experience.
iv. Organic value accrual
Our community is fully organic – Using TEAM’s proprietary technology, recruitment, development, and expansion of our player-base is fully scalable and automated. Game strategies and asset development is community driven and hyper engaging. By directing the collective creativity and effort of our DAO, TEAM drives value to all stakeholders in our ecosystem.