d. Customizability

i. Game Flexibility

Scholars & Owners can choose what they want to play.

Owners can request for Scholars to learn a new game – the Scholar has a right to refuse. Should a player agree, Owners will pay for the requisite assets for the Scholar. Training will be executed via TEAM’s GameGenius.

If a Scholar refuses, the Owner can purchase a different wTEAM with the existing specialty of choice. Alternatively, the Owner can provide the requisite NFT assets to TEAM DAO, who will create a wTEAM on the Owner’s behalf.

Scholars can request to play a new game – the Owner needs to agree and sponsor the assets for the Scholar. Should the Owner refuse, TEAM DAO will step-in to mediate through our decision matrix.

ii. Coaching

Owners can send their wTEAM Scholar for coaching with TEAM Experts.

TEAM Experts are Tier 1 Scholars who are curated by the operational team and under TEAM DAO's payroll.

Payment for training is performance-linked and uses $TEAM.

iii. Levelling Up

There are 3 levels of wTEAMs:

  1. Standard TEAM Scholars: entry-level for TEAM DAO, earning a yield on standard assets.

  2. Premium TEAM Scholars: upgraded standard wTEAMs, playing more games and equipped with better assets.

  3. Competitive TEAM Scholars: Tier-1 players who are top ranked in games and qualify for competitions who are under sports contract with TEAM DAO.

wTEAM Scholars under TEAM DAO can voluntarily upgrade themselves by staking more $TEAM earned through their guild activities.

Owners can also upgrade their wTEAM assets through staking more $TEAM and paying for upgraded assets. The key condition being that the wTEAM Scholar qualifies for an upgrade based on our in-house data analytics.

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