c. Marketplace

wTEAMs are traded on our in-house marketplace
i. Full marketplace tradability & functionality
ii. Data analytics showcase
iii. Game exposure and asset values
For asset managers with existing gamefi NFTs, TEAM DAO can create wTEAMs on behalf of these asset managers for a minimal fee.
Should an Owner decide to divest a wTEAM’s NFT assets, TEAM DAO receives a 20% liquidation fee. Proceeds from liquidation will go into the treasury to create new wTEAMs.
wTEAMs are available on multiple chains - while the primary chain will be on ERC-721, there will be wTEAMs minted on other chains as well. E.g. Algorand, Binance, Polygon, Enjinn, etc.
Sample wTEAM asset on BSC Chain
The following data will be showcased (more features on the way):
- Token ID & information
- Price
- Player information (Tenure with TEAM, Age, Gender, Country, Earnings, etc.)
- Games played & NFT assets associated to the account.
- Financial performance (historical earnings & activity)